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Truffle Social's Highlights of 2022

Somehow, we’re approaching the end of 2022… While you sit and try to figure out HOW that happened, we thought we’d indulge our nostalgia by compiling some of the top Truffle moments from the year. Keep reading to join us on that journey!

12 Years of Truffle

That’s right… Truffle has been going for a whole TWELVE YEARS now. Pretty crazy stuff, hey? Having started back in 2010 quite a while before ‘social media marketing’ was even considered a thing, it’s safe to say that Truffle has lived through a whole lot of internet “eras”, from the days of nyan-cat videos all the way through to the Elon Musk Twitter takeover.

If you fancy reading more about the past 12 years of Truffle and our evolution to this point, head over to our 12 Years of Truffle blog for the full lowdown.

Ibiza Trip

If you started following us a few months back, you might remember that the UK team took a little trip to Ibiza in July to celebrate 12 years of Truffle. From killer content to some amazing tans, it’s safe to say we got a LOT out of that trip.

Truffle NYC

2022 saw us expand our team to the US, opening up a Truffle office in New York City and taking on a number of amazing new American clients in a vast range of sectors. As we enter 2023, we’re looking forward to working with a whole new demographic across the United States and beyond.

Viral Moments

As an agency, we believe strongly in putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to social campaigns. As a result, our efforts on our own social pages this year have led to some viral moments across various platforms, from TikTok to Instagram to Pinterest. We’ve seen a bunch of our content reaching millions of social media users around the world, proving once and for all that you guys LOVE a relatable meme and seeing our office ‘fits.

London Lifestyle Awards

Back in July, some of the team had the pleasure of attending the London Lifestyle Awards at the Landmark Hotel. During the event, the Truffle team shot and uploaded a whole load of content while our Junior Account Manager, Sascha, presented the award for Casual Dining Restaurant of the Year. This was undoubtedly a night to remember!

Promotions and New Hires

The Truffle team has grown and evolved a lot over the past 12 months, with many new faces joining the gang and a number of exciting promotions within our talented team.

Creative Studio

Over the course of the past year, we noticed that requests for content production were hotting up, which spurred us to invest more in this need. We have now launched our own Creative Studio to fulfil the needs of brands requiring more raw, user-generated style and often hyper-reactive content to capitalise on trend-led opportunities.

It’s becoming more and more evident that the brands succeeding on social media these days are those that jump on trending topics, memes and content before others. As an agency that prides itself on its trendspotting, reactive abilities, Truffle are undoubtedly in the prime position to help brands in this regard. 2022 saw us nurture and evolve this idea, as well as make our first hire for the studio.

Christmas Party

This year, we decided to do our Christmas party a little differently… You probably know all about this if you’ve been anywhere near our social pages recently. The agenda for 2022’s Christmas celebrations included renting out an Airbnb in the countryside and having a festive two-day sleepover (not to mention the copious amounts of wine, pasta and nibbly bits). If you fancy seeing what we got up to, head over to our YouTube channel for a sneaky glimpse into the experience!

It goes without saying that 2022 has been an amazing year for Truffle, both as a team and as a business. We can only dream of what 2023 has in store for us… Stay tuned to find out!

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