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12 Years of Truffle Social

And just like that… Truffle Social turned 12 years old.

Suddenly, it seems we’ve been doing this whole ‘social agency’ thing for 12 YEARS. 12 years of hard work, resilience, relentless creativity, amazing relationships and brand-building. Pretty crazy, if you ask us.

In honour of our anniversary, we thought we’d give you a quick lowdown on some of the BIG questions.


The first (and arguably the most important) question has to be the big one.

Why was Truffle Social formed in the first place?

To get a proper picture of the answer, we first need you to cast your mind back to 2010.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ is blasting on the radio, Toys ‘R’ Us is still well and thriving, and a little app called Twitter is just beginning to make waves in the online world.

Ah, simpler times…

Unlike nowadays, social media was more of a background feature in the average person’s life at this point.

But, beneath the hours’ worth of cat videos (RIP Grumpy Cat) lay something only a select few could see.

An opportunity.

An opportunity to break outside the traditional box of ‘marketing’ and venture fearlessly into realms no other brands had been before.

Thus, Truffle Social was born.

And with it, a chance for brands to grow exponentially in uncharted territory, using their creativity and USPs to flourish, influence, and grow.


So, it’s all very well and good telling you the reason we started, but the REAL question is… what do we actually do?

As the first UK agency to offer purely social media services, our work isn’t limited to the surface-level stuff. While we always approach each project with an emphasis on strategy, results, and growth, we also care more about people than algorithms.

In other words? We put the ‘social’ in social media.

After all, the real purpose of social media is to connect with people.

The recipe for success online is a delicate blend of data-driven strategy, innovation, and a deep understanding of what individual audiences really want. These also happen to be the ingredients of our day-to-day at Truffle.


Over the past 12 years, the Truffle team has evolved from one woman to a thriving team of experts working across London and New York. It seemed only fitting to celebrate our Pearl anniversary by rewarding the ‘who’ of Truffle with a trip to Ibiza for a week’s worth of fun and sun (alongside the usual hard work!)

Working in the social media industry requires a certain type of person - one willing to think outside the restraints of what is ‘standard’ whilst being constantly adaptable and on the ball.

That’s what Team Truffle’s all about. We partner with incredible brands and accounts of all sizes, growing and managing their online presence using proven strategies and innovative techniques. From property developments to beauty brands to artists, our clientele is varied, loyal, and ever-expanding.

Now, we invite all our lovely supporters to join us in celebration of the past 12 years and anticipation of the next 12 years to come. We look forward to writing another post on our 24th birthday! In the meantime, we’ll #KeepOnTruffling.

For lots of fun-filled anniversary content, feel free to head over to our Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok to catch all the highlights.

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