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Unlike many other sectors, the interiors industry has bucked the gloomy trends of the broader landscape by remaining resilient during Covid-19, with some interiors brands making cabin fever more of a pleasure than a pain, as people have been spending more time in their homes.

5th June 2023

📺 YouTube is retiring Stories next month
💬 TikTok is testing a new AI chatbot experience called "Tako"
📶 LinkedIn is adding new buyer intent signals into sales navigator alerts
🗨 Whatsapp will now let you edit messages up to 15 minutes after you send them
📽 Twitter is experimenting with a native video download option
📍 Pinterest is launching a system to ensure better representation and inclusion in its discovery elements

30th May 2023

✅ Meta has expanded its 'Meta Verified' Programme to the UK.
🖼 Instagram has added GIFs to comments.
🎛 Twitter adds new video playback speed controls.
🧠 TikTok has launched new resources for #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth.
📺 YouTube is experimenting with restricting content from users with ad-blockers.
🐤 Meta's competitor to Twitter is set to launch next month.
🌎 A group of TikTok users has filed a lawsuit against the state of Montana over its ban of the app.
🔷 Twitter Blue subscribers can now upload videos up to 2 hours long.
📲 A study has found that 25% of Twitter users don't expect to still be using the app a year from now.

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