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Jobs at Truffle

We are on the hunt for new Trufflers to join our team...

Account Director

Truffle is looking to recruit a talented Account Director with 6+ years agency experience. Must be able to hit the ground running. The ideal candidate will be an inspiring leader in all things social, who is as passionate about stats as you are about storytelling.


This person will be in charge of overseeing our team of social media managers, community managers and designers, to ensure a streamlined and successful roll-out of memorable social media campaigns.


Working in a fast-paced environment, the ideal candidate will be able to coordinate multiple brands, developing the social strategy across our clients’ channels. Truffle is predominantly a lifestyle agency and our client roster spans across a number of sectors, including Health & Wellbeing, Fashion & Beauty, the Arts (galleries and artists) and Property & Interiors. We also work with a number of corporate clients, some celebrity talent and some clients in more niche sectors too.


Brand knowledge, tone of voice, nuance and audience targeting - all big musts!:

You will manage campaigns that grip, provoke, inspire and entertain. Creative storytelling is essential with attention to detail.


Strategy & Performance:

Producing original strategies will be a key area of focus and you will be confident in producing unique strategies to achieve success for our clients and their unique objectives, merging creative methodology with numbers that can back it up.


Paid Social:

You will be required to run a number of Paid Social campaigns and produce clear advertising strategies, therefore, solid experience with Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Business Manager is essential. A performance-led approach is key and we're looking for someone who embraces KPIs. Must have an ability to analyse data and provide informed recommendations.


Specifically on paid social, please only apply if you have experience in the following:

  • You will know how to set up campaigns, plan the creative, produce recommendations on budget splits for our paid social output.

  • Be comfortable working media spends of all ranges, from £500 to £50,000 at a time.

  • You will carry out the optimisation across all live campaigns, with an agile approach to ensure our campaigns make the money ‘sweat’ to generate maximum ROAS

  • Be able to extract all the right information from the ads suites to produce clear reports across all KPIs.



  • Deliver campaigns across all social channels: Instagram (full suite), Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube. WeChat / Weibo experience is not essential but this would certainly be a bonus!

  • Develop and grow our existing client relationships to ensure a consistent stream of excellent creative, revenue-generating work. Work closely with our clients to plan ahead and integrate campaigns with broader marketing plans

  • Ensure the most effective use of resources and drive the highest end creative work with effective production and delivery of projects to budget and time

  • Contribute towards building a strong team that collaborates effectively with other internal departments, sharing knowledge, processes, client vision and KPIs.

  • Structuring the team to ensure ownership over key existing client accounts. Creating an environment that promotes outstanding and proactive client service and positive morale, as well as identifying and troubleshooting problems and opportunities for the team

  • Oversee team in delivering impactful content calendars with strategic understanding of our clients’ objectives and a knowledge of their tone of voice, guidelines and nuance

  • Work with senior team to maintain profitability on all projects and campaigns

  • Managing paid social campaigns from start to finish including set-up, optimisation and reporting; Devise budgets for social advertising and present best recommendations to clients

  • Set new goals and targets for the team across client accounts; track and monitor throughout the month and jump in to provide direction to the team if trajectories are not being met; an agile approach is essential and problem-solving attitude is key

  • Explore new campaign strategies and models, and continuously improve the campaign strategies through data monitoring and analysis



  • Proven track record of paid social campaign management

  • History of working in social media

  • Efficient in managing a team of 5+

  • Proven track record of demonstrating empathetic client skills and a strategic ability to grow long-term client relationships and accounts

  • Demonstrated experience and skills in areas such as advertising, creative production and copywriting

  • Well-versed in a fast paced environment

  • Minimum 6 years working experience in digital, social media and/or advertising across B2B and B2C companies

  • Experience successfully managing projects and growing relationships with SMEs and international clients, and working with cross-functional teams and agency partners

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of social media, digital and current communications and content marketing trends

  • Proven experience accurately reporting and analysing numbers and metrics

  • Proficient in social measurement and listening tools (ex. Sprout Social, Social Blade, Hootsuite, Sysomos, native platform business/ad managers, etc.) and paid social media advertising for all social channels; Google ad words not essential but a bonus

  • Experience developing strategic recommendations/proposals for social media and digital activations (paid/organic) and KPIs to effectively measure success

  • Result and solution-oriented with a strategic mindset, good logical thinking and strong in data analysis

  • Strong execution and good capacity for pressure, and a good sense of communication and co-working

  • Ability to deliver high quality work, multi-task and project manage/manage deadlines, and delegate tasks with ease


Culture & Values:

Attitude and work ethic are high on our priority list and the right candidate will add to and enrich our culture of excellence - always delivering high quality, memorable work and proactively making improvements to ensure we cement our esteemed reputation and retain our position as the UK’s leading social media agency.


As an agency, we pride ourselves on being ready & reactive! You MUST be able to turn around speedy ideas so that concepts are communicated to designers and produced to ensure we're remaining as reactive as possible for our clients. So energy and a need for speed is an essential attitude!


We'd like our new AD to be a part of Truffle's growth so your involvement in our overarching business plans will also be welcomed. We are a family and we enjoy contributions from all of our team! You will work closely with the Client Services Director in order to set short and long term goals in support of the larger organisational ambitions.


We look forward to welcoming our next team member who will foster a culture of inclusion and demonstrate alignment to Truffle’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion commitments through sound judgement and strategic decision making.

Candidate will ideally be based in London. We currently have a hybrid set-up with two days a week in office.


Applicants should send over their CV, a cover letter explaining their experience, why they want to work at Truffle and reference a recent campaign they’ve worked on to

Community Manager

We're looking to recruit a witty and articulate Community Manager to join the Truffle team.


We're looking for a 'sparky' and proactive person who appreciates nuance in language; someone with a wonderful vocabulary who is passionate about nailing copy that will appeal to the respective audience.


The role will include the following responsibilities:

  • Responding to incoming comments, DMs and likes

  • Reposting tagged content

  • Proofreading content and captions created by the team and making new suggestions - polish drafts from 6/10 to 10/10 and extend the storylines

  • Producing scripts for video content

  • Developing tone of voice strategies, creating unique characters for our clients’ brands including rules for writing across platforms

  • Social listening & research for proactive outreach 

  • Living out Truffle’s promise to practice what we preach by proactively engaging with profiles through our own social channels - we want to see our artful conversations taken to new heights!


At Truffle, we strive for creative excellence and we're looking for someone who will carry this through in the way that we engage with the audiences of our clients. This requires an ability to shift seamlessly between different tones and thinking on your feet.


Perfectionists, welcome! We look forward to hearing from you!


  • A ‘social-first’ approach is important - the right candidate will understand how to optimise content across various social platforms

  • May need to swap between UK English and US English

  • Brand infinity, having the ability to autonomously switch between brands while ensuring responsiveness is kept within optimum timing



  • Mornings to respond to all incoming mentions from the evening before. Aim to respond to all by 11:30am

  • Escalate questions to Account Managers who will send to the client

  • Check for social listening opportunities: develop your own RSS feeds; a good starting point is Twitter

  • Proactive engagement on behalf of clients and Truffle - maintain engagement tracker for any accounts who include influencer management

  • (Eventually) provide updates to the US team for anything that requires overnight control (pass the baton seamlessly) 

  • Report back each week on:

    • Volume of mentions

    • Interesting highlights and conversations

    • How did a conversation lead to something good? Something tangible? We want to delight in evidence of this!

    • New ideas to improve processes or tactics - we’re looking for a self-starter with lots of imagination and energy

    • Check stats on engagement and analyse the effectiveness of your CM/outreach

  • Weekly Support: 

    • 1X video script for one Truffle team member to read out + teleprompt

    • 1X LinkedIn post either for Truffle’s LI page or for Ellie’s LI

  • Content creation support - we love your creativity and would love to see this

  • Monthly:

    • Present your findings to the broader team. Opportunity to show off how conversation creates change! 

    • Support with larger creative campaign concepts, brainstorming, researching and developing

  • Target

    • How do we take what people are commenting on board, and respond creatively? We also don’t mind being slightly controversial and I’d personally love to bring a bit more balance to what we discuss at Truffle by discussing politics and not just pop culture, so memes of Boris etc that we create are welcome. We want to be conversation starters!

    • Show off your imagination


A note - Truffle was founded on Twitter and our team’s organic, human approach. For those who can write, we offer creative freedom to flex that muscle and explore new rabbit holes. For us, this is where the magic happens. A chat on a social channel can change the way the rest of someone’s life plays out; the butterfly effect or the theory of chaos, proves how something seemingly insignificant can develop and result in some truly amazing things. We want to be right at the centre of change, acting as catalysts ourselves. So please push the boundaries! We’d like to prioritise Twitter and LinkedIn.


We’re looking for someone who will bring a huge amount of enthusiasm to what they do and who will add even more to our vibrant culture, bringing ambition and spark to Truffle life.


Please email your CV, cover letter and examples of your writing to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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