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We’re full service and flexible, covering all aspects of social, from strategy, community management and creative, to paid media and influencer campaigns. Our specialists combine their unique talent, knowledge and experience to deliver superb campaigns so that you can carry on doing what you do best.


Packages are available 'off the shelf’ or can be 'made to measure’. And for brands looking for training or support, Kickstart (TM) offers a solid leg-up for newbie brands, and we’ll selectively coach in-house teams who are ready and raring to learn.


A brand isn’t a brand without a community and for adventure seeking brands, we find your mojo. We adopt the appropriate tone of voice and deal with the inbound needs of consumers to keep satisfaction intact. Then, our time is spent actively engaging on social platforms and generating useful conversation online.

We pride ourselves on making brands more approachable, finding new audiences and engaging with the existing ones. Nothing goes unnoticed and an opportunity is never missed. Just sit back and watch it soar.

Rite-Flex reminders



Rite-Flex challenged Truffle to increase awareness of their vitamin supplements within the European market.

Taking charge of the brand’s Instagram account, the strategy has been to distribute a mix of messages that touches on the brand’s science-based key messages whilst remaining relatable to everyday consumers.

Truffle have managed the ‘always on content’ with a consistent visual feed and steady growth in follower numbers. 


Additional campaigns have been bolted on to target key audiences included health and fitness gym bunnies and fashionistas.

During London Fashion Week, Truffle created a collaboration event between Rite-Flex and Toni & Guy salons by hosting an influencer meet-up to 'get Rite for fashion week'. Over 30 influencers attended to enjoy some collagen cocktails and a complimentary blow dry; the results on social were outstanding with an increase of over 1k followers overnight.



It’s not “Me & You”, it’s us. We partner with brands to find the route to success by planning the most effective social strategy. Sometimes this means locking horns, but we always strive to find new opportunities for the best of your brand. 


We have existing experience, a decade in fact, of analysing brand objectives and implementing strategy. It will define our journey, how we plan to get there and how we will get there.

Topps Tiles


Topps Tiles

For Topps Tiles we handle all social media management, creative campaigns and paid social activity for the brand. This covers content creation, community engagement and strategic support.


To take the brand even further into the interiors digital space, we’ve launched campaigns and developed content pillars that elevate messaging and style across social channels, including introducing Pinterest into the mix.


We have achieved this by adapting the brand’s ‘tone of voice’ to incorporate a more editorial style. As well as elevating the brand aesthetic.




If it’s a case of getting the ball rolling, we have plenty of balls to roll. We’re socially ‘In The Know’ and if you hang with us and you’ll feel confident on your social excursion in no time. 


We have a social obsession, but we want to share that feeling with you to give your brand a bit more vavavoom. 


Take our hand for your first steps, we have heaps of skills squeezed into our locker that will prepare you for losing that social virginity.

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Julien Macdonald

SS19 London Fashion Week


“Truffle are a pleasure to work with and truly feel like part of the team. They’ve helped shape the social strategy, they always run hugely successful LFW campaigns and produce fantastic content. They thoroughly understand the luxury market and how to engage this audience. I highly recommend their

Julien Macdonald SS19 London Fashion Week

Truffle was engaged to create and implement a 360 degree social campaign to create maximum buzz for the Julien Macdonald SS18 show.

A shareable content strategy was put in place in order to make the most of VIP talent including headline supermodels, celebrity attendees and sponsors.

Ideas are one thing but executing them is another. Our ideas are original and execution is guaranteed. Parties, product launches, photoshoots. You name it, we’ve done it. 


But we sprinkle something new each and every time to deliver bespoke and seamless results. Our campaigns are affordable and cost-effective that cut through all the social noise.





Producing social experiences to an audience of young ‘explorers’ was leveraged as sponsored house parties being used as a platform for photo-shoots that capture the energetic, in-the-moment, atmosphere that the brand and its audience embraces.

Cutty Sark

Truffle were engaged to bring back to life the social channels for acclaimed whiskey brand, Cutty Sark.


Truffle have deployed a global strategy across 37 worldwide channels to ensure consistent messaging to showcase the brand’s key masts which include spontaneity and exploration.

Cutty Sark

Photoshoot May 2020


The key objective was to keep the high amount of followers they received after running their influencer ASOS campaign before us.


We ran photo shoots to fill the calendars with fresh and on trend content  and organised collaborations with brands like Backyard cinema and Sink The Pink.

Gunna Drinks

Working closely with Gunna’s in-house team, Truffle managed every aspect of the social media channels, which kicked off with an initial social strategy which outlined the overarching approach to paid, earned and owned media.

Truffle managed the social media, content production after the influencer campaign they carried out internally.

Gunna Drinks

Photoshoot February 2020

Creative content sets you apart from the rest. We’re never signed out of social and the latest story, trend, meme and conversation is never neglected, we keep them in mind for something effective. 


Our out-of-this-universe and innovative ideas will help towards achieving your brand's full potential. There is a purpose to every post and each post we post is carefully considered to make sure it’s reactive and will boost the attention of your brand.



For some brands it makes sense to keep things in-house.


When that's the case, we offer a number of coaching solutions.From a couple of hours of troubleshooting per month, to full-blown training programmes, we are the older sibling that will take you under our wing to ensure you're on the right path and goals are set.


We're gunning for you.

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