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We believe in the infinite creativity of people. These are our people right here... Our team is a carefully constructed blend of storytellers, design buffs, strategic thinkers, eccentric socialites, philosophical hermits, writers, talkers, doers, movers, shakers, and everything in between. 

It’s an unusual mix of people for a relatively concentrated hub, but one that makes real magic happen.

About Us

To infinity and beyond

for everyone

We’ve spent a decade partnering with brands to create thriving communities, built from nothing but pure social spark. To loiter (admittedly with intent) on that humblebrag, we’re also the UK’s first agency to purely ‘do’ social. And we can wholeheartedly testify that the rise of social media has been nothing short of an adventure.


But, while the rise of social was one thing, its evolution has been another. New platforms have come and gone, individuals have triggered mass movements through passively-posted tweets, free speech has become an open playing field and pretty much every culture has universally shifted - all because of social.


The possibilities opened up by social media are endless; this goes for brands, politicians, influencers, pug-fluencers (oh hey, @itsdougthepug) and everyday civilians alike. As for us at Truffle and our beloved world of social media marketing, well, it’s a spectacular universe with infinite opportunity - and we’ve only touched the surface...

Creativity has no bounds

...Speaking of surface-touching, we have enjoyed spearheading many a campaign which have subsequently landed us with a heap of acclamations and awards, each lauding us for our creativity and/or strategic vigour. Our mantel piece is looking pretty fresh, we have to say ;) - And we enjoy a lot of good cheer in the process.


Being able to be creative is probably the bit about our job that we love the most and we’re privileged to work with some incredible brands who trust us to flex that muscle, whilst keeping a watchful eye on the red tape, of course. Audacious? Yes, sometimes. Reckless? No no. We just like to push the parameters a little.

There is no business like

social business

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