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About Us

To infinity and beyond

We’ve spent a decade partnering with brands to create thriving communities, built from nothing but pure social spark. To linger on that humblebrag, we’re also the UK’s first agency to purely ‘do’ social. And we can wholeheartedly testify that the rise of social media offers infinite opportunity to those who dare to venture beyond the normal, and as your social partners, we'll take you by the hand, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Creativity has no bounds

We’re privileged to work with some incredible brands who trust us to flex that muscle, whilst keeping a watchful eye on the red tape, of course. Audacious? Yes, sometimes. Reckless? No no. We just like to push the parameters a little.

There is no business like

social business


We were there from the beginning and we can, hand on heart, say we’ve really seen it all. Since 2010, when Twitter was new to the scene, our minds were officially blown by the new propensity to communicate both linearly and laterally. We tested, probed and examined its impact and that was it - we were hooked. What we truly love is social’s ever-changing capacity, its very fibre in a perpetual state of change, along with it and through it, are the social reactions that are inspired. For most people, social media has become part of their lifestyle; for us it is a lifestyle, as well as our business. And there really is no other business quite like it.

Our People

The team, the legends

the hard workers

We believe in the infinite creativity of people. These are our people right here... Our team is a carefully constructed blend of storytellers, design buffs, strategic thinkers, eccentric socialites, philosophical hermits, writers, talkers, doers, movers, shakers, and everything in between.

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Ellie Hernaman



Account Director

"At the age of 12 I was surfing in the home of the great white sharks in South Africa with my sister, however, my mom was watching closely on the beach ready to save us!"


Community Brand Manager

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Account Executive

My adventure saw me hitchhiking a lift to a festival in the Aussie outback, armed with a rucksack, my intuition and some tinnies. After arriving into the dusty desert, I befriended some oz locals and spent the whole weekend dancing in the moonlight."

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Account Assistant

"Although being a social media fanatic, one time I went 3 months without my phone! On this adventure I camped and trekked 260km in two weeks across Nicaragua, ended by climbing the 'Cerro Negro' Volcano and swimming in an extinct crater!

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TikTok Manager

“Flying to the other side of the world to the Galápagos Islands to witness the famous giant tortoises in their natural habitat at the age of 15.”

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