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MOB Recommends and Quite Frankly, So Do We.

Nothing says distraction quite like stumbling across a MOB Kitchen post before lunch then proceeding to spend aaaaages drooling over their tantalising recipes! Their feed combines everything a foodie could want; mealtime inspiration, brand recommendations and plenty of delicious giveaways. Oh, and the most original snack choices out there. Essentially, these guys are Britain’s very own Bon Apétit and any ‘gram devotee knows who they are.

MOB Kitchen Food Inspo

It’s not only the edible stuff that’s great about MOB though. Their latest venture, MOB Recommends, is all about promoting startups and upcoming brands that they feel passionately about. This struck a chord with us at Truffle and certainly aligns with our own values that we live by as an agency.

Anyone who really knows us, will know we’re slightly obsessed with elevating new brands, those that might need a leg-up in the crazy world of social. For us, it’s about resourcing our own platform to ensure the voices, values and services of others are heard too. Especially when they’re making our mouths water.

Adopting this ‘collective spirit’ allows for companies to progress away from a traditional, territorial approach to business and make way for a collaborative one. Have you seen our Instagram feed?! If we see someone doing something we like, you bet we’re not afraid to repost it! If another brand or collective is sporting something we believe in, you can guarantee we’ll be sharing it across our channels.

Again, the same can be said for MOB Kitchen who have successfully built their platform up to an impressive volume, whilst using this as their asset to lift other brands. Not only does this gain them admiration and respect from their following, but it shows they are unthreatened by any competition and are in fact embracing these collaborations. Talking of which...

The Hustle Freelance Network Truffle Social

...let us take you back a few.

To broaden our own partnership network as an agency, we adapted to a new normality by creating The Hustle; a hybrid platform for freelance creatives to connect and collaborate on campaigns for premium brands.

The talent acquires access to work for top clients whilst collaborating with other freelancers, and the brands gain a diverse team of people perfectly curated to suit their unique projects. It’s a no-brainer; everyone remains independent yet unaffected by traditional work models.

The ability to celebrate creative freedom is something we have always supported at Truffle. Having a side hustle is never a threat to us, only a benefit that gives people the chance to pursue projects they are passionate about.

Thank god our team of go-getters have their own side hustles so we can sing from the rooftops about them. Supporting these ambitions ultimately leads to stronger and more proactive work overall that everyone can be proud of, making everyone a winner.

So, if you know of any startups or individuals that are doing something exciting we should know about - Let us know.

Any innovative food and drinks brands that deserve some time? Put MOB in touch with them via Insta.

Alternatively, if you are a start up wanting help with juggling the demands of social media you can check out our kickstarter packages or slide into our DMs to arrange a call.

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