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What is Kickstart?

Ready to pop your social cherry? Our 3 Kickstart packages have been specifically designed for new brands and small businesses looking to turbocharge their social adventure.


Whether you're a startup with your sights set on social triumph or if you're an established brand needing to hit the reset button, we're here to offer that initial leg up and some gentle handholding so that you're ready for lift-off.

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Navigate Package

Navigate Package

Navigate is the ultimate social playbook for brands that are raring to get off to a flying start. 


This package provides you with the nuts and bolts to run a smooth operation, so that you can take control of your social with clarity, and post with confidence.

Navigate - Social Playbook

Navigate provides you with the nuts and bolts to run a smooth operation, so that you can take control of your social with clarity, and post with confidence.

Starting with an Immersion Workshop:

We run a workshop with you and your team as a collaborative exercise to understand your business objectives and creative parameters. 


Finally producing a 20-Page Social Playbook: 

We’ll produce a rocket-powered social strategy that ensures your brand will cut through the noise. It covers every area of strategy, from producing stand-out content, to clever engagement strategies that are right for your brand, all the way through to hacks in gaining competitive advantage in your industry.


Generate Package

Generate a smart social strategy to impact your business for the better.


This package lays out all the foundations and gives you the tools you need to elevate your brand’s social presence to new heights.


Generate - Social Management

We will manage your hero platform to ensure the foundations are laid and progress has found a good flow. At the end of the two months, we’ll hand this over so that you’re ready to continue the push.

Content Calendar

Working with your existing assets, we will build your brand’s key content pillars and curate a content calendar that establishes identity and purpose for your brand.


Audience Growth

We will establish a set of relevant followers to ensure your foundation audience is engaged.

Community Management

Our community managers will be ready to respond to all incoming mentions and comments to build relationships.

Generate Package

Accelerate Package

Accelerate is for ambitious brands intending to ramp things up fast.

This multifaceted package provides you with a full tool kit to ensure you are well and truly ‘socially set’. You’ll receive a completely fail-safe strategy that covers all bases and ensures a seamless social roll-out.


Accelerate - Social Management

Accelerate is a multifaceted three month management package that includes an upfront push on content creation, a boosting campaign and a handover to get your brand socially set.

Content Production

Upfront production of assets including photography and/or graphics and/or animation.


Paid Social Boosts

Ramp up engagement and awareness with social boosts across selection of posts.

Mini Playbook

3 month report and summary of best practises provided - now you’re ready to take over!

Social Management

End-to-end management of your social channels, including engagement and content calendars.

Accelerate Package

We can help

Raring to go? Simply fill out the form below and we'll follow up with a call from one of our strategy specialists to understand your needs. Once we've identified the best package for you, we'll exchange contracts and lock-in a date for your immersion session (please allow up to a full day for your workshop). Then you can leave the rest to us.


We'll get to work on laying out the foundations for a strategy that is tailored to your brand, and we'll have it delivered to your desk (inbox, gotta be green) within 2 weeks. And you're ready to go - we have lift-off!

Thanks for your enquiry, we will be in touch soon!

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