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Truffle Social X Julien Macdonald: London Fashion Week 2023

Another London Fashion Week, done and dusted. This year, the Truffle team joined forces with the enigma that is Julien Macdonald after four years off, having previously worked alongside the JM team for six consecutive years.

So, what exactly did that entail?

In short… a lot.

Like with any successful campaign, we began by building a comprehensive strategy, devising how to leverage social media to hit key client goals. After a detailed brainstorming session and a series of internal creative debates, we solidified our direction and proceeded to pre-plan a vast range of content to film that would not only look great but also showcase the extent of Julien’s visionary genius.

One of the major focuses for this campaign was launching the official Julien Macdonald TikTok account. TikTok is the hub of all things viral at the moment — any brand not taking full advantage is missing a trick, no matter their industry.

Despite common misconceptions that TikTok is primarily for a slightly less mature, Gen Z audience, there’s a very valuable space for luxury and premium brands on the platform. While TikTok has opened up a space on the internet where low-fi content and spontaneity thrives, there’s no reason why high-brow brands can’t reap its benefits whilst retaining a premium tone of voice, especially if they’re willing to let their guard down and have some fun every so often.

Since launching the Julien Macdonald TikTok, we’ve accumulated over 2,000 followers, 60K likes and had 3 videos go completely viral, one even gaining over 350K views within 24 hours.

Aside from TikTok, our time with the Julien Macdonald team was spent curating and shooting content, planning their grid, rolling out stories in real-time, directing models, working alongside the producer to build a social media set and live-streaming the entire show on Instagram.

We wanted to give JM’s followers a ‘virtual front-row seat’ to the show, which meant that Reach was our number one metric. (Over the course of the campaign, the Instagram page reached over 236K accounts, so it’s fair to say: mission, accomplished👀) We were also in charge of managing content from all official sponsors, including premium brands like Ciroc Vodka, Rolls Royce, CoCo & Eve and Bugatti Coffee. Throughout showday, we delivered sponsor requirements by posting contracted content for each brand.

Showday required a delicate balance between executing pre-planned content, such as high-quality outfit transition videos from the studio to the runway, and thinking on our feet to create content when opportunities arose. This involved anything from interviewing key attendees and celebrities like Amanda Holden and the iconic Gemma Collins to hopping on TikTok trends with fashion supermodels like Winnie Harlow and Leomie Anderson. All footage was captured with a long-term content plan in mind, to be uploaded to the JM channels over the course of several months.

Between coordinating influencers’ locations, choreographing models’ movements and capturing high-quality, engaging behind-the-scenes footage of the show, the Trufflers spent their time creating content for our own social platforms and marvelling at Julien Macdonald’s stunning creations on the runway.

As always, it was a true pleasure to work alongside such an incredible artist and witness the client’s reaction to our work.

To get a deeper insight into our work with the designer, don’t forget to head over to their social platforms and show them some love.

You can find the Trufflers hard at work behind the scenes on the Truffle YouTube page.

The Results:

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