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The Galentine's Day Go-Tos.

Dis one's for all the laaaaaaadies.

Forget romantic getaways, fancy restaurant outings and one too many #luckygirl’s on instagram... it’s time to embrace the ‘Love Lockdown’ this Valentine’s Day, in true Kanye '08 fashion.

This year’s day for the lovers might as well make the official change to Galentine’s Day, a term which has recently grown in popularity and surged in online searches this year, followed by virtual dating, recipe meal kits and adult toys. Cheeeekay.

We don't think the love for the gals should be limited to just one day though, no siiiiir. Any opportunity to big-up your gang, empower your work colleagues and get behind female-owned businesses should be done as frequently as possible.

With this on our mind, it seems only right to drop our Galentines shout-outs to the brands we feel can bring some appreciation to the important women in our lives. Yourselves included.

OHNE @im_ohne

If you don’t already, then get to know the boss brand that are making periods finally fashuuunable within what has always been, a deadbeat market (sorry Always).

Not only are they paving the way for organic, biodegradable tampons and pads but have a whole product range dedicated to ‘cycle care’; from cramp fighter bundles to CBD-infused oils for period pain.

With this much sass, class and progression in the space, we’re not surprised they were winner of British Vogue’s beauty awards and have major respect for their fem space community.

PAMPAS & BLOOM @pampasandbloom

Flowers are cute, but dried flowers are long-lasting and here to stay, meaning you can show someone your luuurve for months to come or add some well-needed texture to a room in your own home.

Pampas & Bloom’s bunches cater to a mix of preferences; popping pastels and bright colours for the extravagant or a ‘Wild Collection’ for the more natural, low-key look. Especially suited to those girlfriends who can't look after indoor plants to save their life.

LITME CANDLES @litmecandles

If you're buying for a diva whose looking to manifest her way through the rest of this year, these badboy candles are the one.

With the creators behind Litme Candles spreading messages of ‘I give zero fucks’ and ‘that could have been an email’ on the daily, we are so here for all of their no-nonsense phrases that ring true.

The truth is, who doesn't shamelessly love a good candle? These ones will filter out the basic sh*t n make you feel seen.

LOCKDOWN LIQUOR CO @lockdownliquorco

After launching back in lockdown 1, this premium blends cocktail company have given us the reassurance we needed that pre-mixed cocktails can bang. Their ‘Littles Gift Box’ allows you to curate your own package by choosing from four of their signature cocktails, from Picantes and Pepinos to Cuban Toddys and Tuccis.

We also dig the option of personalising their bottle labels with a special message, a definite shout to bring some thoughtful elegance and delight to your huns.

IN YOUR DREAMS @itsinyourdreams

If you're interested in brushing up your makeup skills and are down for trying something different, the glitter and beauty queens at It's In Your Dreams are hosting another self-care beauty workshop after the success of their previous virtual events.

The evening compromises of detailed demos from top beauty artists along with relaxed Q&As and you can buy event-only tickets or ones which include a beauty box filled with treats. For someone missing the aesthetic freedom of the festival season, this could be a sure way to spruce up their week.


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