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September 2022 Key Dates You Need to Know!

Leaves are starting to fall, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back and it will soon be time to switch out the tank tops for warm hoodies. That’s right - summer’s coming to a close and the cosy season is just around the corner.

It’s back to school time, which means there will be NO shortage of brand campaigns targeting your little ones. While this is definitely a good idea to bear in mind when planning this month’s content calendar, September is also home to a bunch of other national holidays perfect for mixing up your feed and staying on trend.

4. National Wildlife Day

Every year, #NationalWildlifeDay casts light on some of the amazing preservation and conservation efforts our scientists are performing to protect Earth’s endangered species. The purpose of this day is to generate awareness and encourage action, so why not put together some educational content and resources to share with your followers?

5. International Charity Day

It’s HUGELY important to recognise the amazing humanitarian work of charities across the globe, which is what #CharityDay is all about. So, let’s share the love! Start spreading awareness of some of the wonderful charities relevant to your branding to boost their popularity and reach online.

5. Labor Day

Here’s one for our American friends… Every year, the first Monday in September is dedicated to celebrating the crucial role of labourers in the development of the US. This is the perfect opportunity to share some historical knowledge and celebrate the unofficial end of summer with a sale or even a creative campaign.

6. National Read a Book Day

In a world where the average person is spending more and more time online, it’s INCREDIBLY important to encourage picking up a book every once in a while. #ReadaBookDay is about just that - encouraging people to step away from their phones and their jobs and read for fun.

Speaking of fun, this is an amazing chance for YOU to have fun! Compile a reading recommendations list for your followers, tell a story about how a book inspired your work, or simply get creative with your content and share the bookish love!

9. Stand Up to Cancer Day

The first #SU2C Day was in 2008, and aimed to raise funds for the foundation Stand Up to Cancer, ultimately helping them in their endeavours to #KissCancerGoodbye. This is another perfect opportunity for you to provide your followers with quality resources and encourage action against the deadly disease.

10. World Suicide Prevention Day

Often, mental illnesses can be just as deadly as physical illnesses. #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, led by The International Association for Suicide Prevention and the World Health Organisation, aims to shed light on some heartbreaking statistics and the catastrophic impact of suicide in order to spread awareness and decrease the number of suicides worldwide.

11. National Day of Service and Remembrance

#911Day occurs every year on the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center in order to honour and remember the 2,977 people who lost their lives on that tragic day.

12. National Day of Encouragement

We’re all about positivity here at Truffle, meaning #DayofEncouragement is a personal favourite holiday of ours. Take the day to encourage and uplift those around you, whether that’s your followers, your friends, coworkers or strangers. While you’re at it, why not spread the love and turn some of that positivity into amazing content?

21. International Day of Peace

Originally started by the UN, #PeaceDay aims to strengthen the ideals of peace through a 24-hour commitment to non-violence, adhered to by various governments around the world.

22. Car-Free Day

This is your chance to help reduce some of the huge environmental damage caused by car usage, and opt for more eco-friendly methods of transportation. Even better - encourage your followers to do the same by sharing statistics, facts and advice!

22. First Day of Autumn

Adios, Summer. It’s Halloween season now! Spread all the Autumnal vibes with a celebration of the pre-Christmas months, and don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte in the process!

28. National Women's Health and Fitness Day

Every year on the last Wednesday of September is all about Women’s Health and Fitness. Such an important topic, and one perfect for generating oodles of content ideas, from tips and tricks to storytimes to recipes to fun fitness challenges!

This one hits close to home in the Truffle family, as our personal woman’s health heroine is none other than our Client Services Director Giselle’s mama! Check out Monique Eastwood’s incredible Instagram page here, and read all about her brand new app on her website.

30. International Podcast Day

Last but not least, and perfect for those in the online space, #InternationalPodcastDay celebrates the impact of the ever-growing media form. Why not share a round-up of some of your favourite podcasts relevant to your industry, or even record a little something of your own?

To see how we decide to tackle these holidays, why not give us a follow on our socials?

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