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Key Dates You Need to Know For October 2022


Yep… Time to get the decorations out and start thinking up some puns for your company Twitter handle because it’s Halloween time again. While a good chunk of your posts this month will likely be decked in orange and black, there are also a lot of content opportunities surrounding other holidays in October, so pop these dates in your cal and start planning some killer posts!

1. International Coffee Day

If you’re anything like the Truffle girls, you probably rely on a decent amount of coffee to carry you through the working week. Now’s your chance to pay your utmost respect to the reigning leader of caffeinated beverages with some fun #InternationalCoffeeDay content. You could even get seasonal and feature a festive Pumpkin Spice Latte on your feed.

4. World Animal Day

When you’re getting bogged down in work, drama and social media, it’s always nice to remind yourself that we’re not the only creatures inhabiting the planet. There are a million and one ways to celebrate #WorldAnimalDay on your feed, from showcasing your office pets to supporting some of your favourite animal charities and initiatives. We’ll be combining World Animal Day with Halloween by dressing up Giselle’s sausage dog…as a hot dog. Two birds, one stone.

7. World Smile Day (First Friday of October)

Even if it doesn’t always feel that way, there’s always something to smile about. It doesn’t hurt to have a little reminder of that every so often, especially if it happens to be #WorldSmileDay 😃

Use this opportunity to spread some positivity, perhaps by sharing some team success stories, some industry good news or what makes your team smile.

10. Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day

Columbus Day is a US holiday commemorating Christopher Columbus' landing in the Americas in 1492. However, many choose to devote October 10th to celebrating the marginalised history of indigenous peoples around the world. This day provides an excellent opportunity to share educational resources and spread awareness on this largely overlooked element of American history.

10. World Mental Health Day

This is a big one, folks! #WorldMentalHealthDay is the perfect opportunity for everyone to reassess their relationship with themselves - to check in and make sure they’re doing everything to prioritise their health and happiness.

We would STRONGLY recommend taking this holiday as a chance to give your followers a friendly reminder to look after themselves, whether with an in-depth post with tips, tricks and personal anecdotes or with just a simple quote or two that you find motivating.

While we’re on the topic - take this as YOUR reminder to take care of yourself - and not just on 10th October! As far as we’re concerned, every day is World Mental Health Day.

11. International Day of the Girl

As an all-female team, this holiday is definitely high on our list of priorities this month. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of this annual event, originally created by the United Nations General Assembly to recognise the rights of adolescent girls around the world and address the unique challenges they face every day.

Take this day to celebrate the women in your team and share resources and information on how your followers can help support the #DayOfTheGirl initiative set out by the UN. For more information on how you can help, check out the official UN website (and encourage your followers to do so, too!)

14. National Dessert Day

On a lighter note, #DessertDay is the perfect excuse to whip out the sweet treats. You could make this a fun one for your followers, perhaps with a ‘This or That’ story series or by encouraging a debate in your comment section.

16. World Food Day

It goes without saying that this will be a good one for ANY businesses in the food industry. However, even if your services/products have nothing to do with food, you can still get involved! (You’d be surprised how OBSESSED the internet is with food…) To unashamedly plug one of our wonderful Truffle clients, we’ll be posting about Squished, the best fruit snacks for all ages!

16. Bosses Day

Social Media Managers - this is your time to get on your boss’s good side! Why not show them the appreciation they deserve, either with a dedicated post on socials or by treating them to a nice office treat. Get the whole team involved!

20. Get to Know Your Customers Day (Third Thursday of October)

This is your perfect chance to get creative and show your customers that you care. There are a million ways to celebrate #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay, from competitions in exchange for feedback to hand-written thank you notes. Either way, we would encourage you to go the extra mile. After all, people want humanity in brands nowadays. There’s no harm in showing them a little!

31. Halloween

Now, we know you likely weren’t going to forget this one, but it seemed wrong not to pop it in here nonetheless.

We want to see ALL the festive content, complete with some amazing office costumes and decor🎃

Which holidays will you be posting about this October? Let us know on our socials!

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