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Key Dates You Need to Know for December 2022

In case you hadn’t noticed… IT’S OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS MONTH!

We know, we know. You’ve probably got a billion different Christmas content ideas ready to go for December already. BUT, it’s never a bad thing to have a few other ideas in the works, as you may not want your feed to be too holiday heavy.

So, without further ado - here are a few dates for your calendar to mix up your feed this December.

3rd. International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Kicking it off with a particularly important one, #IDPWD is your perfect opportunity to spread awareness about the challenges faced by those with disabilities. More than anything, however, this is a day to honour the disabled community. Why not do so by shedding light on some influential disabled people in your industry and celebrating their achievements?

4th. National Cookie Day

This is a good one. One that everyone can get involved in. Cafes, bakeries and shops, today’s your day to show off your cookie selection! You could even do a special promo or a giveaway… Just please let us know if you do and we’ll be there with bells on!

For everyone else, this is your excuse to get some treats in for the office! (And take some content in the process👀)

9th. National Salesperson Day (Second Friday in December)

Time to celebrate your sales employees! Show off your staff and make them feel appreciated with a heartfelt thank you on your socials. They deserve it!

10th. International Human Rights Day/International Animal Rights Day

Another particularly important one, which gives you the opportunity to spread awareness and use your platform for good. #HumanRightsDay and #AnimalRightsDay are also perfect opportunities to reevaluate your own company policies and practices to ensure you’re doing right by humanity and the environment.

21st. National Crossword Puzzle Day

With this one, don’t be afraid to get creative! There’s a million ways to celebrate #CrosswordPuzzleDay on your socials, whether that’s with a friendly office competition or some crossword-themed content to give your followers a little brain-tease.

21st. First Day of Winter

If you’re not keen on crosswords, you’ve still got plenty of content options for the 21st. Celebrate the #WinterSolstice with some beautiful seasonal content, perhaps showcasing your local area or some winter-themed products you have on offer.

24th onwards…

Do we even bother writing this one down? TIME TO GET FESTIVE!

If you can, try and schedule your content in advance. Now is your time to kick back, relax, eat some yummy food and have the MERRIEST of Christmases. It’s gonna be a good one!

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