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6 TikTok Creators You Should Be Following in Autumn 2022

It’s fair to say that TikTok isn’t going anywhere. So, if you’re still hating on the app, it’s probably time you evolve with the times…#JustSaying🤷

In that spirit, we thought we’d do a quick roundup of some of the MUST-FOLLOW creators we’ve had on our radar recently. One of the BEST things about TikTok is its diversity, so we thought we’d share our favourite accounts from some of the most popular niches on the app.

For fashion:

Miraal Momani (@miraalmomani)

From GRWMs and unboxings to fashion week vlogs and styling videos, Mira does the full range of fashion-based content.

With a big emphasis on emerging designers, she boasts exquisite expressionism with textural, eccentric styling and a dynamic personality.

For food (with some philosophy thrown in, for good measure):

The Korean Vegan (@thekoreanvegan)

Joanne Lee Molinaro’s videos aren’t what you would necessarily expect from the average foodie TikToker.

Her stunning cooking shots are overlaid with thoughtful storytelling commentary on a vast range of topics, from women’s rights and racial justice to relationships, family and mental health.

The combination of her soothing voice and her beautiful way with words is just one reason her videos are so compelling and enchanting. Prepare to be transported to an almost hypnotic, serene state as you watch her cook an array of tantalising dishes.

For music:

Annika Kilkenny (@annika.kilkenny)

For soft, calming songwriting with raw, image-heavy lyrics that cut to the core, Annika’s your girl. There’s a sensual warmth to her voice and words that really strike a chord (pun intended😉), no matter your mood.

Fans of Lizzy McAlpine and Phoebe Bridgers: this one’s for you.

For skincare:

What’s on Vi’s Face (@whatsonvisface)

For a healthy dose of education and humour, Vi should be your go-to.

Her delicate blend of informative skincare tips and self-deprecating, relatable jokes and anecdotes makes the perfect recipe for an entertaining video. The cherry on top? Her adorable personality🍒

For mental health:

Helena Cope (@helenarosecope)

Helena’s candidness, alongside her charming personality, her love for vegan food and her willingness to be open with her followers is what makes her videos so comforting.

From discussions about mental illness to thrifting videos, Helena’s TikTok is an eclectic mixture of wholesome, feel-good content, perfect for lovers of daily lifestyle vlogging.

For the good vibes:

Dennis Kyere (@dennismik)

This one’s for ANYONE in need of a little serotonin boost. Expect joyful dancing, upbeat music and all round immaculate vibes. (Thank us later.)

Thus concludes our current TikTok faves. We hope you found a couple of new creators to follow and enjoy!

Now it’s your turn: tag us on socials and let us know which accounts you’re loving at the moment!

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