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6 Creators You Need to be Following on Instagram in 2023

Despite all the new platforms coming in hot and fighting for the top spot, Instagram still hasn’t given up its crown quite yet.

If you’re anything like us, there are still a million and one accounts you will absolutely adore for feel good inspo and general entertainment. As we’re not a fan of gatekeeping, we thought we’d do a little rundown of some of our current fave creators on the real OG visual app.

For fashion:

Emily Owen (@theglitterygoose)

Queen of colourful ‘fits, festival fashion and Y2K looks, Emily is your go-to gal for all things

cool and cute. Posting regularly on both Instagram and TikTok, she loves a good night-out look and a thrifty find, frequently sharing snaps of her vintage bargains. She’s also pretty active on Depop and Vinted, which means you may even be able to bag some of the pieces she shows on her page!

For beauty/skincare:

Laura Jo Samuels (@laurajosamuels)

If you’re looking to learn more about skincare and how to develop a sustainable routine, Laura’s Insta is going to be your holy grail. As a qualified esthetician and vegan and cruelty-free makeup artist, she’s mastered the art of clearly explaining the fundamentals of skincare in informative, engaging posts.

What sets her apart from others is her commitment to keeping it real, having shared incredibly useful posts on maintaining a skincare routine when struggling with depression and cruelty-free skincare on a budget. In an online space that is so rife with misinformation, bold claims and anecdotal assertions, Laura’s content is refreshingly educational, scientifically-sound and consistent.

For food:

Renu (@hey_renu)

Prepare to be HUNGRY. If you’re looking for mouthwateringly tasty vegetarian recipes that will encourage you to step outside your comfort foods and tantalise your taste buds, no-one does it quite like Renu.

Her videos are perfect for those on a budget as well as anyone looking to reduce food waste. If you’re not inspired to run to the kitchen after seeing just a few posts… we don’t believe you.

For music:

Taylor Bickett (@taylorbickett)

You may not realise it, but you very likely have already stumbled across Taylor’s music, particularly if you’ve been active on TikTok or Instagram over the past few months.

Remember when everyone (including celebs like Drew Barrymore) got all nostalgic and sentimental, posting pics of themselves as a teenager next to current photos to a sound with the lyrics: “I swear 16 was yesterday, but now I’m closer to 28”?

Yep, that was Taylor.

If you fancy sobbing your eyes out to Quarter Life Crisis and her other songs, you’re definitely going to want to check out her TikTok, Insta and Spotify. Thank us later.

For mental health/lifestyle:

Megan (@mgn.ell)

In the utter chaos that is the internet, it’s always refreshing to find a safe, calming place that emphasises self-care, wellness and living slowly in a non-pushy way. Enter: Megan’s Instagram.

Queen of romanticising everyday life and promoting self-love, Megan’s content acts as a quiet, aesthetically-pleasing haven for anyone looking to improve themselves without feeling pressured.

For travelling:

Gillian (@gillianskar)

Want to look at someone’s Insta and feel simultaneously inspired and INSANELY jealous? Gillian’s your girl. As a self-confessed “full-time traveller”, she’s got a seemingly endless bank of content from around the world, as well as useful travel hacks and guides for your next trip.

A word of warning: don’t blame us if you find yourself wanting to spontaneously book a trip to another continent after scrolling through her page.

Obviously, this list is just a tiny excerpt from what could take up a MILLION blog posts, so let us know on our socials if you want us to make this a series!

Who have you been loving on Instagram lately? Don’t forget to follow us at @trufflesocial to keep up to date with the team and all things social media.

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