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Is #WFH This Year's Biggest Game-Changer in Social?

It wouldn’t be the slightest exaggeration to say that 2020 has been the year the world underwent an avalanche of changes, many of which are here for the long haul or - gasp - forever.

At Truffle, we knew this was the time to silence our Stories, exit our feeds and press pause on all our cheeky social antics for a hot second whilst we did some re-evaluating.

It is a classic testament to the technological age that “lockdown” was even a likely possibility, as work, friendships and even pub quizzes made the shift to online. Our dependence on the web rocketed like we’ve never seen before. And don’t just take our word for it - the social media stats suddenly screamed app-obsession. Messaging across the Big 3 (Insta, FB and Whatsapp) shot up by 50% in Italy, France and Spain and according to eMarketer, 18-24 year olds spent a whopping 53 more minutes online every day over lockdown.

We’ve always believed in and harnessed the power of social; it’s our job. But now, for brands too, it’s an absolute no-brainer: marketing on these platforms is a necessity.

Then came our next, albeit truly selfish question. How was this situation going to affect work-life for #TeamTruffle?...

Admittedly there was some initial anxiety at the thought of suddenly not being able to insta-troll each other’s office antics - FOMO of some sort was indeed on the horizon. But in reality, we found ourselves taking to this new #WFH lifestyle like a basic b**** takes to banana bread. Sorry Karen.

It’s no shock really, considering our day jobs make us very well placed for this kind of adaptability - we’re used to reacting in speedy-gonzalez real-time, trend-jacking and producing all the social quips! Let’s be honest, jumping on anything topical and reactive was always going to be an easy transition for us, wasn’t it? Insta-trolling was just gonna have to take place on Zoom from now on...

Along with acclimatising like the creative chameleons we are, Truffle joined the rest of the population throughout lockdown in embracing the chance for some major introspection and philosophising.

These thoughts resulted in some reflections that can only be referred to as remote working revelations, due to their truly profound nature, which we have ever so conveniently listed below (no apologies on the #HumbleBrag):

Revelation 1: the Truffle team did not need to be all in one place to grind n’ thrive.

Embracing the ‘it’s-lockdown-and-what?’ ‘tude of the millennials in our team, we found that the regulated atmosphere of an office does not dictate our work ethic and that we can be just as efficient, just as punctual and just as generally excellent regardless of our precise location. Maybe it’s a result of the time saved by axing that dastardly commute?

Revelation 2: the Truffle team translates tremendously well virtually.

Yes, we know, we’re slightly blowing our own trumpets, but whilst working virtually, new members have joined our ever-growing team, and despite not having physically met before, projects have been completed and friendships have been formed. The harmony of our office stretched like a bubble, enveloping households across the UK, from one kitchen table “office space” to another.

Revelation 3: we weren’t paying rent.

Yep, it's that simple.

With offices in London proving themselves as useful as a chocolate fireguard, we considered the idea of working virtually for longer than just lockdown, and the disappearance of that pesky London rent on the finance forecast has neither gone unnoticed, nor missed.

Thoughts started popping into our heads …. we could redirect that money elsewhere .... we don’t **have** to be in an office environment to get the most out of our workdays (a doff of the hat back to revelation 1 again) … And we’ve made new friends who we’re oh-so-eager to meet in, like, the flesh (kudos to revelation 2).

Taking these pretty sturdy pillars into account, we formed the cornerstones of a solid business decision.

A trip to Ibiza.

With organising clients’ campaigns and the sudden realisation that the Truffle feed was seriously lacking content of ourselves frolicking on the beach, we hosted a post-lockdown, terrifically-Truffly holibob on the sunny island of Ibiza. A due reward for our diligent team, and an example of how lockdown has turned the conventions of office working completely on its head.

A glorious time was had by all. Nobu Hotel provided sustenance while Saltee sunscreen protected us from the sun’s cruel rays. Entertainment came in the form of Giselle treading on Kate Moss’s dress at a villa party at which we spontaneously found ourselves, and... it’s probably best to leave it there.

Needless to say, our grand old journey of discovery has unsurprisingly progressed to new levels, being the inquisitive explorers that we are. But the natural question is: what does the future hold for working at Truffle?

We cannot say for sure. What we do know is that, in the midst of a global pandemic, our team kept calm and carried on, remaining powerfully professional and overflowing with creativity, and even being able to feed the Travel Bug along the way.

As we now embrace entry into this rather convalescent time, you’ll catch us at Protein Studios in Shoreditch on our hustle ‘n’ bustle meeting days. It’s without a doubt our fave digs, and we suggest you get yourselves involved. NB: Throughout the whole of September they’re offering ‘Open House’ passes for people wanting to get a feel of the workspace. It’s a no-brainer. Hope to see you there!

In a time when unpredictability has become our only certainty, Truffle’s optimistic revelations and profound coping mechanisms are a cherished consistency. And so, we live another day to champion this attitude whilst we look forward to new changes, new challenges and of course, our next trip. Mykonos anyone?

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