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Truffle’s Top Campaigns on Social - August 2022

If you’re reading this, you probably already know the impact of a great social media campaign. After all - that’s what we’re all about here at Truffle.

As summer draws to a close, it seems only fitting to give a quick round-up of the season’s best social campaigns and posts, if only to provide some of the marketing inspo we’re always on the lookout for.

In a creative move proving the effectiveness of celebrity partnerships, Burberry Beauty has collaborated with actor Adam Driver to launch their ‘Burberry Hero’ Eau de Parfum, sharing a series of stunning beach shots and some BTS content from the shoot.

In Adam’s own words, ‘all the ingredients were there for it to be an opportunity to make something beautiful.’ With their BTS reel collating a whopping 507k views (compared to their usual average of around 20-30k), we’d say this was a pretty successful campaign.

Sometimes, it’s not the huge, expensive campaigns that really make an impression.

Following the Lionesses’ victory at the Euros, athletic and loungewear brand Tala shared an empowering post celebrating women in sport, showcasing some recent wins from female athletes.

Breaking up their usual feed of models and customers wearing Tala products, this illustrated graphic post demonstrates the power of reactive social media marketing, amassing over 2000 likes. (For reference, most of their grid pics tend to fall under the 1,000 likes benchmark.)

If you want to prove that Pride is a year-long movement, as opposed to a month-long marketing stunt, Smirnoff is a good source of inspiration.

By partnering with a variety of drag queens and members of the LGBTQUIA+ community, the well-established vodka brand has been promoting their #ServeFlavor campaign in the best way.

To take the campaign one step further, they are even hosting a series of ‘Show Up, Show Off!’ showcase events, which, in their words, is ‘Smirnoff’s most inclusive drag extravaganza.’

Truffle’s Finest…

Undoubtedly the best and most exciting feature in this list has to be from one of Truffle’s own!

Our TikTok Manager Emilia has taken the word ‘viral’ to a whole new level, with one of her TikToks gaining 5.2 MILLION (and counting!) views in just a week.

The video, featuring her beautiful mum Louise’s holiday outfits for the week, has garnered a HUGE amount of support and attention on the app, and even inspired Emilia to set up an Instagram account documenting Louise’s fashion journey. (Feel free to show her some love here!)

Your Turn…

But that’s enough from us. We want to hear from you!

If you’ve noticed any great campaigns online lately, shoot us a message or tag us in a comment across our socials. Alternatively, give us a follow @trufflesocial to keep up with our daily antics and insights into the industry.

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