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Truffle's Guide Through the 3.0

Let's be real; it's mid-January and every kind of lockdown novelty has run dry as we conclude that this is taking the royal piss.

We can't deny that these past few weeks have been some of the most testing we’ve endured so far, with further time spent apart from our loved ones leaving us feeling uninspired, restless and pretty deflated on our gloomiest days.

It hasn’t all been terrible though. Which is why focusing our thoughts on the good parts can make a huge difference to how the next few weeks pan out.

Whether that's a cackling voice note from your pals, a delivery arriving earlier than expected, incessant rightmove searches, cosy trackies, reorganising your space or belting out some euphoric dancefloor anthems at inappropriate hours. You gotta do you.

Instead of dwelling too hard over the circumstances beyond our control, we thought it more proactive to share with you our team's go-tos that have been getting us through this time around. Remember, we're already more than halfway through January and better times are coming.


'I think all of our work and meetings have made time move quicker, plus the Clubhouse app which has trumped Netflix, picante margaritas and spending time with the boyfriend.'

Entertainment? Is it super lame that the Clubhouse has become my newfound entertainment obsession?!

Soul-nourishing? Can I say Clubhou-? No, OK. Well, I'm a Christian so have been going to Zoom services. Also, my boyfriend who I miraculously got together with the week before lockdown 1 - by the skin of my teeth!

Insta account? @drest have a creative yet strategic feed, also a hugely biased, unashamed plug - the Truffle feed has ramped up big time thanks to Meds & Pippa the #contentqueens.


'Keeping to the routine of doing a run or workout in the morning and then getting a coffee, means I get out of bed and actually get dressed every morning. Plus I'm getting a puppy soon!'

Entertainment? I've been loving the Table Manners podcast and David Attenborough, although I cried at the turtles.

Soul-nourishing? My Mom @moniqueeastwood's intense 30 min workouts and a coffee from The Good Egg (@thegoodegg_) are the morning go-tos.

Insta account? I'm following @bao_london and @ottolenghi as I'm spending my evenings cooking new dishes!


'Throwing myself into work gives me a solid structure and balancing it out by chatting sh*t with my mates is key. Walks by the coast and finding new music also keeps me sane.'

Entertainment? I've loved a bit of Grounded with @officiallouistheroux and Ru Paul's Drag Race has just started again, the outfits are unreal!

Soul-nourishing? NTS radio in the morning and evening yoga with @adrienelouise without a doubt, I feel like I know this woman.

Insta account? Has to be @timesnewroadman and @loveofhuns for the meme relatability and the illustrations by @vulgadrawings are so on point.


'I'm counting my lucky stars for being able to work and look forward to the little things like making lots of lovely food on weekends and watching movies.'

Entertainment? Netflix-wise, I loved Bridgerton and Unorthodox was so gripping. I've just started Industry on iplayer too!

Soul-nourishing? A weekend treat for me is food from @boxed_local and @lottiemurphy_'s pilates workouts on YouTube are amazing.

Insta account? @sheerluxe every time, I can't get enough of their content.


'I definitely felt better prepared for this lockdown and I’ve made sure I’m making time for loads of calls with friends. It’s starting to feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!'

Entertainment? I've really enjoyed Dead To Me on Netflix and the @jaackshappyhour podcast.

Soul-nourishing? I’ve found a new love for Kombucha and I’m obsessed with @EquinoxKombucha

Insta account? @CaraMillsDesign illustrations always brighten my day when I see them on my feed, I’ve actually got one of her lockdown themed designs as my phone background.


'The main thing that gets me going in the morning is the thought that everyday is a step closer to seeing our friends and family again. Failing that, slam on some 80s pop.'

Entertainment? Has to be Married At First Site Australia and @emmachamberlain's 'Anything Goes' podcast.

Soul-nourishing? Dance workouts with @thefitnessmarshall and Dolly Alderton's book 'Ghosts'.

Insta account? Definitely @cosmopolitanuk and @vintageartlove_. Also @jtfirstman's videos send me over!


'Trying to take advantage of a bad situation by focusing on my health has been a good distraction and TikTok still makes me laugh!'

Entertainment? I recently got into The Serpent on iplayer and Netflix's Bling Empire which is a proper real-housewives vibes.

Soul-nourishing? I've cooked some recipes from the @pinchofnom book and used this incredible @olaplex hair treatment.

Insta account? I'd say @thebodycoach has definitely kept me motivated recently.

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