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Social Media for Waste & Recycling - Sexy or not Sexy? We Rose to the Challenge!

Here at Truffle HQ us Trufflers love attending events where we can give tips and tricks about social media and help organisations with how to grow their social presence and how to grow online.

A couple of weeks ago our CEO Ellie attended the 'Communications Conference' in London where she was invited to speak to the UK's movers and shakers of the waste & recycling industry. The conference provided an opportunity for professionals working in this sector to be able to discuss and debate common challenges and trends, and to learn practical tools and techniques which could be applied in everyday communication challenges - some generic and others that specifically applied to their sector.

At the conference, Ellie's slot was titled, 'Social Media: Being Heard Above The Noise'. The presentation discussed how social media can be used in an industry like this with lessons on how councils and regional initiatives can use their social platforms to raise awareness of the environmental issues they face.

Call us biased (!) but we think that social media is a great way for businesses to engage with an audience and make a change. But how can this be the case for a serious sector such as one centred around the environment and sustainability? Well....we're glad that you asked!....

While social media might not seem to be an obvious platform for a not-so-traditionally-sexy, it can - if managed in the right way - make a real impact on people's behaviour and actions, all for the better of the world we live in today. You've just gotta be a little bit creative and think outside the (recycling) box... (sorry, had to get one final dad joke in before we skedaddle off back to our respective laptops, phones and VR headsets...).

The social media 101 is available to download below for those who may be interested in tips for the waste & recycling sector and how to maximise your platforms to reach their full potential.

Over and out!

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