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Real Artists Ship: The Steve Jobs Approach

What is an idea without execution? Pointless.

Harsh, but true.

That’s the simple philosophy behind Steve Jobs’ bold statement “Real Artists Ship”, which, coincidentally, happens to be the very same philosophy we Trufflers carry with us into every project we undertake.

Everybody has creative ideas. Some of the best inventions in history aren’t necessarily the most out-of-this-world, outlandish concepts. iPhones, for example — not that wild an idea, but somebody had to take the plunge and turn the vision into a reality before they actually became a thing. The real innovators, the creatives making a difference to the world through art, science and businesses, are the ones that bite the bullet and act on those ideas.

This has never been more relevant than it is right now. We live in an age of instant gratification, where yesterday is old news and today’s news is tomorrow’s trash. As such, the world has had to shift accordingly, particularly online.

For those working in social media, this shift has meant scrapping the old tactics and prioritising agility and dynamism over everything else. It has also meant not being afraid to push the boat out, experimenting and innovating until you find the ideas that truly make magic. We’ve devised a reactive model based on this agile delivery, encompassing all our values and methods to make SHIP:

Essentially, we take a flexible, reactive approach that allows us to be first out the door when it comes to producing content on trends and topical stories. Too often, great ideas are missed out on because people take too long to act on them. You’ll only regret what you don’t do, so, in most situations, you may as well take the risk and give it a go.

That being said, another part of the “ship” approach means actually following through on your ideas. It’s all too easy to start a million and one projects, get close to the finish line but never make that final push to actually complete them. For your ideas to come into fruition, you have to bring them into fruition. That’s the only way anything has ever been completed or made, and that’s the reason why Truffle is the business it is today.

Do you take Jobs’ “Real artists ship” philosophy into your everyday life, either at work or in your personal projects? Let’s start a discussion over on Instagram @trufflesocial.

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