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Reactivity on TikTok | 5 Ways You Can Nail Your Strategy in 2023

TikTok this, TikTok that — it’s pretty hard to go anywhere on the internet (or elsewhere) these days without being blasted with endless discourse about everyone’s favourite short-form video app. So, what exactly is the platform’s secret formula for success? We’ve done some digging, and it turns out the answer’s simple: SPEED.

Trends have never been more fleeting as they are on TikTok. Blink, and you’ll miss your chance to jump on a trend that could easily have made you blow up. In fact, a lot of seriously viral videos aren’t necessarily super innovative or funny — they just happened to make the joke first.

As the internet has evolved to model itself around the TikTok phenomenon, the Truffle business model has also adapted, shifting its focus towards the production and distribution of short-form video. With our Gen Z team in tow, we’re not afraid of being in front or behind the camera, and our willingness to be the faces of client content means we’re incredibly adaptable to any situation thrown at us.

Not-so-subtle virtue signalling over - but had to get it in there. Because we’re worth it.

The rise of TikTok has led not only to a shift in the format of popular content online, but also the style of said content. Whereas traditional advertising media and long-form video content on YouTube focuses on HD-quality, professional-looking content, TikTok’s formula for success looks a little different. The overarching theme of social media in 2023 is realness. As a result, people no longer want polished, overly produced videos filling their feed; they want authentic, lo-fi content that showcases the humanity of a brand and feels significantly less contrived and artificial.

Along with this theme of authenticity, the content itself that works nowadays is much more stripped back and personal. Some of the best performing brand posts online these days are ‘Day in the Life’ or ‘Behind the Scenes’-style videos. People want to see the team behind the product, and TikTok is the perfect platform to accommodate this need.

This combination of hyper-reactivity and authenticity is a delicate formula that, when executed properly, can revolutionise a brand’s social media presence. Any brand wanting to stay relevant in 2023 needs to be basing a large part of their social media strategy around TikTok, as it’s becoming increasingly clear that the short-form video app isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

With that in mind, here are five tips you can take on your TikTok journey to nail your strategy this year:

  • Spend time once a day checking relevant trends and trending audios

  • Create TikTok collections to segment inspo videos

  • Set time aside at least twice a week to produce content

  • Post consistently

  • Use on-screen text to boost SEO

If you think your brand could use some help, whether with revamping your strategy, prioritising trend-jacking or creating well-performing content, we’re always on hand to have a chat. Drop us a line at to arrange a call and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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