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Key Dates You Need to Know For November 2022

Someone explain how it’s nearly November already? Fairly certain it just turned September…

Regardless, it’s that time of month again when we give you the lowdown on all the up and coming dates to keep in mind for your November content calendars.

The month of November is a particularly important one, being not only World Vegan Month but also Men’s Health Awareness Month (which means Movember, folks! Get involved!) Depending on the nature of your business, these will both undoubtedly open up a host of content opportunities you won’t want to miss.

3rd. National Sandwich Day

No matter whether or not your business involves food, you can still get some content out of #NationalSandwichDay. Why not make a fun post debating the best meal-deal combos, or do a friendly competition in the office to determine which team member has the best sandwich-making skills?

4th. National Candy Day

No matter your age, there’s a pretty high chance you’re partial to some sweet treats every now and again. Now’s your chance to indulge that sweet tooth! While you’re at, maybe throw together some content by giving your coworkers some of their favourite candies for a wholesome TikTok, or doing a taste-test video of some of your childhood favourites.

8th. National Cappuccino Day

Aside from being an amazing content op for coffee shops, #CappuccinoDay is also perfect for literally ANYONE who works in an office environment. At least, any office environment that is remotely similar to Truffle’s… (Fifth coffee of the day, anyone?)

Jump on the bandwagon by making some relatable caffeine-craving memes, or perhaps by having an in-office cappuccino-art competition. Coffee shops, why not offer a special promotion on cappuccinos for the day?

11th. Remembrance Day

On a slightly more serious note, #PoppyDay is your time to pay your respects to those who lost their lives fighting for our country. Make sure to be slightly more conscious of your posts on this day to ensure you’re being as respectful as possible.

13th. World Kindness Day

Speaking of being respectful… Now’s your chance to show the people in your life (and your followers) the importance of kindness! There are a million and one ways you can show celebrate #WKD on socials, whether that’s offering your followers a discount code, throwing in a free gift with their orders or even making a video spreading some kindness around the office.

*Alexa, play Treat People With Kindness by Harry Styles*

16th. International Day for Tolerance

Established in 1995, #ToleranceDay was created to encourage understanding and respect between different cultures and spread awareness of the disastrous impact of intolerance. Perhaps do your bit by creating some educational stories on the history of the occasion and inspiring your followers to spread the message.

19th. International Men’s Day

#InternationalMensDay is the perfect opportunity to show some love for the men in your life and business. Men’s mental health, in particular, is an aspect of our society that is drastically overlooked. We suggest sharing some helpful tips for maintaining mental health, or highlighting the amazing work from some of the men in your business.

24th. Thanksgiving

US-based companies, you’ve likely already got this one covered. Why not utilise your celebrations by turning it into content for your followers?

25th. Black Friday

26th. Small Business Saturday

28th. Cyber Monday

Ah, Black Friday. The time of year every business looks forward to and dreads in equal measure. By all means, take advantage of the occasion to promote your business, but always be wary of encouraging overconsumption. Small businesses, this is your time to shine. Remember folks, #ShopSmall where possible!

Have we missed any? Let us know by sending us a message over on Insta! If you fancy seeing how the Truffle team tackles these holidays, head over to our socials and give us a little follow (you won’t regret it. Promise.)

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