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How to Foolproof Your Brand Social Media Strategy | Truffle Talks

We talk a lot about how social media has evolved over the past decade or so. It’s hard not to, considering how dynamic of an industry it is, whether that’s in terms of platform updates, optimising for certain channels or the introduction of brand new online spaces.

However, what we don’t always cover is how these changes to social media affect not only the platforms themselves, but also the behind-the-scenes approach social media teams must take in order to actually succeed online.

As a team of trained social media experts, we truly understand the amount of dedication that goes into dominating online nowadays. It’s not uncommon for companies to hire an in-house social media manager to take on their socials without considering the true breadth of work involved, which ultimately results in less-than-optimal results as they attempt to juggle creating, strategising and analysing across a whole host of different channels.

We’re not out to replace anyone’s job. The last thing we would want to do is take over from dedicated marketers who truly know the insides and outsides of their brand. What we can do, however, is offer a dynamic collaboration with in-house social teams, working alongside them to fill in the gaps and take a more strategy-based approach, utilising our individual specialities to truly optimise their brand’s online presence.

As we mentioned, social media has evolved a lot over the past few years, and it continues to shift and develop with every passing day. An entire team, constantly on the lookout for trends and industry updates while analysing what does and doesn’t work for each account and platform is a pretty invaluable tool to have in any brand’s arsenal.

At the end of the day, two heads are better than one.

In-house marketers are always going to know the brand best — we just want to act as an extension of your team, to take some of the load off while boosting your brand to new heights in the online space through detailed strategy and tried-and-tested techniques. In other words, we let you focus on the top-line priorities while we get down in the dirt with the nitty gritty details, fine-tuning and perfecting to add that extra optimisation that might just be the difference between a moderate and roaring success.

Any brands feeling like their social team could use a little assistance, whether that’s in copywriting, content creation, community management and building, analytics or strategising — we’ve got you.

If you fancy having a chat with the team about how we can help accelerate your brand presence on social media, feel free to pop us a line at We’re always up for a chat.

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