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Good Things Come In Truffle Packages.

They say good things come in small packages. But what they really meant was, good things come from small businesses.

Despite the temptation to send all of our nearest and dearest contacts a risqué Truffle 2021 calendar for Christmas, we held ourselves back. Our clients know all too well that our dedication to campaign involvement frequently finds us in front of the camera, as well as behind it. But this year, we knew we wanted to create something more meaningful.

With the cloud of bojo-declared-uncertainty and financial pressure that has loomed over smaller businesses for the majority of this year, it’s been a tough ride for many. You know it’s serious when even Google is telling you to shop locally. But jokes aside, as an agency with the ability to broadcast real opinions on the names we love to see, this was about responsibility.

Our aim was simple; to deliver a gift that increases exposure for emerging businesses and shows some love for the incredible brands we’ve been introduced to this year.

So what needed to happen? A photo-shoot, naturally.

We are SUPER PROUD proud to present each of these brands in our very own Truffle Christmas Care Packs and it’s time to shine a spotlight on all of the legends involved.

Garofalo Pasta UK

Sharing an ethos similar to our own, Garofalo pride themselves on always looking for the exceptional; be that in people, places and of course at the table. This italian company is synonymous with excellence, producing a premium range pasta and indulgent sauces that have gone beyond fulfilling our pasta dreams. You may have seen their transparent and distinctive packaging, based on their philosophy that there is nothing to hide and everything to share. Stock up on their delicious pasta and have a scroll through their feed for recipes to impress.

Shmood Candles

For soul-soothing candles handmade with sustainable soy wax, pure essential oils and non-bleached cotton wicks, look no further than Shmood. Crafted by the delightful Sophie from the Lake District, every Shmood candle has its own purpose from energising the mind to aiding focus. This uplifting brand channels their focus on candles for well-being through the power of aromatherapy, donating 50p from every candle to Mind Charity. Not to mention a chic and witty insta feed that we completely adore.

Rapscallion Soda

It’s not the first time we’ve written about these soda-geniuses and we’re sure won’t be the last! These cheeky troublemakers have instilled more raw ingredients, personality and downright FLAVA into their brand than any other soft drinks we know. Staying true to their Scottish roots, the giggle-inducing choice of words on their packaging is sure to entertain even the most poker-faced scrooges this Christmas. A juicy wee tart, you say?

Ivy Bespoke

As lovers of interior designs that inspire the imagination, it took us no time at all to fall in love with Ivy Bespoke. Their captivating interior prints and textiles are nothing short of daring, as they prove what it means to be bold, unafraid designers. These dramatic prints take inspiration from an array of colourful cultures and creatures, adding an unusual and unique twist. And not forgetting their silky scrunchies which make the most idyllic stocking fillers this Christmas, you’re welcome.

Rare Tea Company

In any situation we find ourselves in, the team always turns to a good brew. Upon becoming acquainted with our friends at the Rare Tea Company, we’ve redefined our own definition of what makes good tea. This conscientious brand turns heads towards their loose leaf tea by ethically trading, directly with farmers and communities across the world. We truly admire their commitment to tea that is pesticide free, honest and simply good.

Truffle Guys

We naturally gravitate towards fellow Truffle lovers and the warm-hearted friendliness from the Truffle Guys has certainly stood out to the Truffle Girls. Resonating with their ethos that exquisite flavour should be available to all, we’re completely sold by their values and the no BS approach. From their mouth-watering Truffle honey, slices, oils and even truffle mayo - you’d be mad to go elsewhere.

What Molly Wrote

At this time of year especially, it’s pretty magical how much someone’s entire day can be made by receiving a card. Molly evidently knows this better than most, as her card designs are aesthetically minimal and intricate whilst bringing a playful, positive vibe to every room they sit in. With a carefully devised mix of Card Packs to choose from, you can cover everything from birthdays to thank yous whilst keeping it real, thanks to What Molly Wrote.


Now that we've left you inspired, it's time to check out of all of the amazing businesses who have been involved in our Christmas Care Packs. We've got your stocking fillers sorted.

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