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Five Truffle Tips To Spot The Winning Agencies... #Part3

Well well, if it isn’t the grand finale to our three-part blog series on The Rise of New Social Media Agencies. Good on you for sticking with us ;)

As promised, it’s about time we let you in on a few of our suggestions to spot the winning agencies in a minefield of self-proclaimed social media wizards.

Right then, we’d best leave you to it...

Five Truffle Tips to Spot the Winning Agencies

  • Track Record

Does the agency have a proven history of using social media, if not in their own business, for themselves personally? Analyse these socials. Challenge them by requesting examples of their work. If they are so new that they cannot provide case studies, then ask them to provide examples of what they would do for your brand.

At Truffle, we always provide examples of campaigns we would run if hypothetically winning a client as we know the proof is in the pudding. Sure, it’s an investment of our time, but one which reflects our understanding of the brand, showcasing our creative flair and unique above-and-beyond nature. All new agencies should be willing to embrace this chance to prove themselves.

  • Ask for References

Don’t be shy to ask potential agencies for references from their previous employers. It’s totally fine if they’ve set up new agencies but hearing testimonials will give you peace of mind, knowing that someone else can vouch for their ability to deliver excellent results.

  • Understand their Team

Get your head around the team set up by finding out who is responsible for what and how their work system is structured. Overwhelm them by asking about their organisation and accountability.

Who is responsible for artistic direction and content creation?

What about copywriting, content planning and ads strategy?

If this all falls under one person that can prove themselves to be an incredible hybrid then winner winner, you’re really on to a golden goose with that one.

  • Their use of Initiative

Try to really gauge what level of initiative this agency has. Remember, social media never sleeps. How flexible are they when it comes to providing reactive support?

Team Truffle always pride ourselves on our ability to piggyback onto topical stories. We’re lucky that our team is big enough to justify tracking and monitoring individual trends. We appreciate that if one person has to handle all the above as well as managing other elements of the business then this isn’t too easy.

  • Likability

It’s important to understand just how likeable an agency is so that you are able to assess how much integrity they hold.

Is anyone able to vouch for them and can you a hundred percent trust the person who’s vouching? This is really a snippet of the advice we can offer in this department as it’s ultimately down to your gut to decide.


So all in all, we can probably expect to see the regular comings and goings of new agencies as the current climate forces more people to broaden their horizons when looking for work. Do they have a leg to stand on? Quite possibly, providing that they meet the Truffle-level criteria of course! They’re called standards, darling.

If you’re reading this as a university student wanting experience in social, an agency needing some refinement or a brand owner looking to really socialise - slide on into our DMs, get expressing and let us show you what we’re all about.

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