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Five Truffle Tips To Get You Going on Social… #Part2

Our previous blog post The Rise of New Social Media Agencies explored the growing trend of the new social media gurus popping up all over the shop.

Now, as the helpful social butterflies that we are at Truffle, we’re here to offer our assistance to the newbies starting out in the industry. Good things don't just come in threes...

  • 1. Establish your brand values

The unique characteristics and tone of voice surrounding your brand are essential in forming an identity that isn’t just memorable, but likeable. It is even more important nowadays to shout about your brand’s unwavering values, as our space becomes increasingly saturated. Make sure integrity is a value you showcase. If you appear to lack integrity, you may come across as short-sighted and agencies gotta get that 20/20 vision to be in it for the long haul!

  • 2. Outline your business plan

We’re not saying this needs to be a solid 20 page document - it can be written on the back of a napkin, ey J.K Rolling? As long as you have a clear vision of the direction you want to move forward in and the targets you want to achieve, this is good planning. Direction is everything, know what it is you’re aiming for. Do NOT be afraid to be ambitious or extend further than what you would immediately project. Trust us, when thrown in the deep end, you will swim.

  • 3. Start ‘Narrow’

Now what we mean by this is carefully find your niche. Choose your sector and make sure you go hard in it. Rather than spread yourself thin, take the time to specialise and become the master of your trade. Whilst it might be tempting to claim we are experts in everything, it is far more effective to deem yourself the professionals in a particular space.

  • 4. Ask for advice from trusted sources

Always listen to those who want to see you fly, trust your instincts on this. List out who your key contacts are and utilise them. Use Elon Musk’s ‘business showers’ for inspiration - ask yourself who your biggest cheerleaders are, and how do you get them on board? You need people who you can bounce ideas off and who are willing to listen. Get ready for a constructive battering that will ensure you improve!

See them as your personal trainer when you’re in need of a shape up; they’re there to push you past your boundaries and further towards success.

  • 5. Be Prepared

This ain’t no walk in the park honey, so brace yourself to work all of the hours that god sends you. A lot of people have the tendency to walk into something, sit there for a while, and wonder why on earth nothing happens… Things will not come that easy. You must be resilient because you will get pushed down. How you react when this happens, will end up becoming a huge part of what defines your company.

Well after all that enlightenment, I think we need a lie down. Just kidding, the grind don’t sleep.

We look forward to you reading our final installment, Five Truffle Tips to Spot the Winning Agencies, cyaa!

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