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4 Truffle Tips To Up Your TikTok Game #BizGuide

Reality check for all the struggling millenial brands out there; its 2021, skinny jeans are no longer socially acceptable and the laughing face emoji is done for. And if a year long on-and-off lockdown hasn't made you a raging TikToker, then you really are out of touch.

It’s unsurprising that for the die-hard instagrammers, facebookers and tweeters, TikTok can still feel like something of a conundrum. For a long time the world of social has surrounded voicing our opinions and establishing a presence that defines us, through resharing, liking and connecting with the people and businesses who we want to be associated with.

This approach can usually translate over to your business, providing you have a shit-hot strategy or an agency that offers endless strategic possibilities (😉). So why has TikTok still got so many brands stumped?

The fact is, content moves like no other on TikTok as new trends, narratives and concepts are born and brought to life continuously, meaning that every day brings something new.

As for your brand, be that personal or business, remember that every one of your TikToks must be the following...


The number one reason for the endless hours of non-stop scrolling on TikTok is quite simply because these mini snippets of ridiculousness are SO entertaining. We have all spent hours of our lives creasing up at these, with zero regret. Make sure every TikTok you post has the laughs in mind.


The beauty of TikTok is that it celebrates creators who try something that hasn't been done before, so definitely experiment and explore with different shooting styles and rogue editing techniques. We know how much this platform craves originality, so make sure your TikTok storylines are venturing out as much as possible.


TikTok is the number one platform that celebrates storytellers so you've got to let loose and cut off any red tape to let your creative side run free. Ideas can truly be brought to life on TikTok, so think less about being like everyone else and more about creating your own stories that will captivate your audience.


The dominant audience on TikTok don't care about perfection, quite the opposite, what they expect from brands are authentic videos that show our reality. This is why TikToks that show genuine reactions and people having fun do so well - your audience wants humour, so don't be shy, give it to them.


If all this TikTok chat has got you itching for more tips, tricks and inspiration then head over to our TikTok as we have BIG TINGS in store...

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