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4 Social Media Trends to Embrace in Spring 2023

All of a sudden, we’re two months into 2023, the evenings are getting lighter and the duvet-style puffer coats are being swapped out for denim jackets. Before you know it, spring will be peeking its head out from behind the clouds, ready for a whole new season of sun, trends and viral moments.

If you’re a brand in 2023, you need to be WAY ahead of the game when it comes to social media trends. Luckily, we’ve got your back with our list of trends to hop on this spring.

Photo Dump, But Make it Pretty

Who says Instagram needs to be all reels and trending sounds?

This spring, we think we’ll be seeing a return to still images in the form of aesthetic photo dumps from everyone’s favourite inspo app, Pinterest.

If you’re already following brands like Blank Street, you might have seen some of their content in this style showcasing the ‘vibes’ of their bestselling drinks. It goes without saying that we’re obsessed.

You Can’t Spell ‘Social Media’ Without ‘Social’

Gone are the days when social media was all about likes and follower counts. We should all know by now that real success online comes from building a solid community and forming real, lasting relationships with your audience. That’s what brands are going to be focusing on this spring – connecting with their followers and building conversations, thus generating customer loyalty.

Online Shopping Just Went Social

Scroll through TikTok nowadays and you’ll inevitably come across several creators promoting products you can purchase directly from TikTok Shop.

Social commerce isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If we’ve learned anything about internet users over our many years online, it’s that they want quick, smooth processes. People don’t want to be faffing around, going from site to site to make a simple purchase – which is just one of the reasons why buying products within social media apps is a game-changing concept. It’s frictionless.

Learning Just Got Trendy

We’re at a stage online where content for the sake of content will no longer cut it. One of the best ways you can provide value to your audience is through education, though it helps if you sprinkle in a bit of entertainment. Whether with an engaging infographic or a funny storytime, this season is all about mixing the creative with the informative.

Have you seen some of these trends popping up on your feed already? Which ones are you going to be taking advantage of as we move into the warmer months? Head over to our Instagram to start a conversation about this season’s best trends!

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