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4 Brands to Have on Your Radar in Spring 2023

Finally, we’re nearing the end of March and it’s now officially springtime. That’s right — goodbye short days and chilly mornings, hello daffodils, mini eggs and hot cross buns.

As we approach the second quarter of the year, us Truffle girls are (as always) on the hunt for new and exciting brands to keep an eye out for and see how they decide to dominate the social media space. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite up-and-coming businesses for you to keep on your radar in spring 2023 so you can stay ahead of the curve and catch them while they’re hot.


H!p Chocolate

Founded in 2021 by the great-great-great grandson of Mr John Cadbury (yep — as in, the founder of Cadbury’s chocolate), H!p Chocolate is changing the game when it comes to vegan chocolate. Made from oat milk, the chocolate is not only 100% creamy and delicious, but is also ethically sourced from a family-owned business in Bogota, Columbia as part of their efforts to de-normalise the slavery and child-exploitation that is still prevalent within the cocoa industry today.

Dive into their Instagram page here:


Fanfare Label

Having worked for over a decade in the fashion industry, Fanfare founder Esther Knight sought to enact positive change by creating a circular fashion brand that doesn’t compromise on the wellbeing of garment-makers or the planet. With the birth of Fanfare Label, that’s just what she did. Featuring collections made from repurposed textiles and certified sustainable fabrics, the Fanfare catalogue is perhaps most known for its extensive collection of fashion-forward jeans, all upcycled or recycled, all innovatively designed, and all incredibly cool.

Check them out:



Iuvo skincare was created by Edith Gabbidon during her treatment for breast cancer, during which time she decided to experiment with natural, vegan skincare to aid her recovery process. While Edith sadly lost her battle with cancer in 2020, her work lives on in Iuvo, which is now run by her husband Ian and daughters Sais and Shani. With an extensive range of high-quality products for the face, hair and body, Iuvo should be your next port-of-call if you’re on the hunt for some additions to your skincare routine.

Have a browse:



Since the pandemic, home workouts have become increasingly common, with many people converting their garages into home gyms or building workout spaces in their backyard. Home workouts are an amazing solution for a lot of people, from stay-at-home parents to remote workers looking to squeeze in some exercise on their lunch break. However, dedicating an entire space in the home to exercise equipment isn’t feasible for many, which is why our client FITTLE invented their innovative box. Designed to fit seamlessly into the home and house up to 70kg of gym equipment, the FITTLE/Box is not only visually appealing and sustainably crafted, but will also help you achieve amazing results with the help of the FITTLE/App.

Take a look:

We’re excited to delve into these brands even further and find out what innovative products they release next. What brands have you been loving recently? Let us know over on our Instagram @trufflesocial.

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