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12 TikTok Creators to Follow in 2023

As much as TikTok is an AMAZING tool for marketers, its main purpose is to entertain - and rest assured, IT ENTERTAINS. Now that it’s a new year, there’s a whole bunch of brand new creators taking over the platform in pretty much every niche imaginable. We’ve compiled a handy list of some of the best up-and-coming TikTok creators you NEED to be following in 2023 before they go super viral.

For Fashion

Emma Canot (@emmacanot)

Lover of all things vintage, Emma makes a range of fashion videos, from ‘Get Ready With Me’s and ‘Fit Check’s to styling vids.

Oluwaṣeun (@theoluwaseun)

For fashion tips and tricks, thrifting hacks and general good chatty vibes, Oluwaṣeun is your go-to girl.

Rita Montezuma (@ritamontezumac)

Unafraid of colour, Rita’s TikTok is full of stunning fashion inspo, whether it’s a try-on haul or an ‘Outfits of the Week’ video.

For Music:

Grace Gardner (@gracegardnermusic)

If you’re a fan of Lizzy McAlpine (AKA soft, acoustic, folksy music with heart-wrenching lyrics), Grace Gardner is your next fave.

Kaleah Lee (@kaleahvl)

From ethereal Ethel Cain covers to stunning, lyrically-driven original songs, Kaleah is definitely on track to take the music industry by storm any day now.

Abby (@abbyyyab)

At just 18 years old, Abby’s voice and songwriting abilities are CRAZY impressive. You heard it here first – she’s gonna be BIG.

For Beauty

Amber the Vegan (@ambertheevegan)

Skincare and beauty tips, product testing and tips on making your makeup bag vegan and cruelty-free? Yes please.

Soph Martinès (@_sophmartine)

For stunning makeup looks and inspo, product recommendations and tips and tricks, Soph has got your back.

Becky (@bottledblue)

Vegan beauty and skincare recommendations with the occasional cameo from her cat Phin – *chef’s kiss*.

For Food

Verna (@vernahungrybanana)

If you want to be instantly starving (and get some delicious vegan food inspo), definitely give Verna’s TikTok a scroll.

Borough Chef (@boroughchef)

Delicious, simple, seasonal and plant-based. In other words, the best kind of recipe inspo.

Lucky Dragon Supper Club (@luckydragonsupperclub)

For mouthwatering Asian food from a range of cuisines served fresh on your feed (pun intended), this is THE account for you.

Hopefully, we’ve included at least one or two recommendations that tickle your fancy and will have your TikTok feed feeling fresh and inspiring. Make sure to check out our last round of recommendations for more insight into our favourite video creators.

Enjoyed this list? DM us over on Instagram and we might just make it into a series!

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