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Our seven tips to smash your paid ads over the holidays


We caught up with our paid social queen, Giselle, to hear her advice on how to achieve success from your Ads this festive season.

So sit back, relax, grab a gingerbread man and take a read.


Be seen in all the right places

There are 16 different ad placement options on Facebook ads alone, without considering Youtube, Twitter or Snapchat. Ensure you increase your reach by experimenting with different ad placements.


Do keep an eye on those as you don't want unseen placements to burn your budget with no results.


First, put it to the test

Before going too wild, use a smaller budget to test an ad's potential for success. This will help to remove as much 'guessing' from your results as possible.

Really channel your audience

To do so, you must understand your goals. If engaging valued customers and driving sales is your main goal, then understanding your target audience is key.

If your aim is to build brand awareness, then keeping your audience broad is crucial to your success.


Don't get cut off

There's nothing worse than blowing your daily budget before your 10am latte. Ensure you check your spending limit prelaunch to avoid missing out on opportunities due to maxing out.


Square pegs don't fit in round holes

Avoid using the same content across every platform as each channel requires different media, sizes and TOV to name a few! Spend time repurposing content to suit the needs of each channel.


See, Click, Buy

Make your audience's journey simple. Creating bespoke landing pages, linking to specific products and using strong call-to-actions will make your chances of conversion all the more likely.

Save the novel for the printers

Always stick to the 80:20 ads rule. Your creative must include 20% text compared to 80% imagery.

If people wanna read, they'll go check your blog!


That wraps up Giselle's top tips for ads success!

Still scratching your head like the Grinch choosing an outfit?


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